Wheel Scratch & Crack Repair

Wheel scratch repair involves fixing superficial damage on the surface of alloy or steel wheels. This service enhances the appearance and resale value of the vehicle. The process typically includes:

  1. Cleaning: Removing dirt and debris from the wheel.
  2. Sanding: Smoothing out the scratched area using sandpaper.
  3. Filling: Applying a filler to deeper scratches to level the surface.
  4. Priming and Painting: Applying primer and paint to match the original wheel color.
  5. Clear Coating: Adding a clear coat for protection and a glossy finish.
  6. Polishing: Polishing the wheel to blend the repaired area with the rest of the wheel.

Wheel Crack Repair

Wheel crack repair addresses structural damage in alloy wheels caused by impacts or stress. This service ensures the wheel’s safety and functionality. The process usually involves:

  1. Inspection: Assessing the extent of the crack and determining if the wheel is repairable.
  2. Cleaning: Cleaning the area around the crack to ensure a strong repair.
  3. Grinding: Removing material around the crack to prepare for welding.
  4. Welding: Using specialized welding techniques to fill the crack with compatible metal.
  5. Cooling: Allowing the wheel to cool properly to avoid warping.
  6. Grinding and Sanding: Smoothing out the welded area to match the wheel’s surface.
  7. Repainting: Applying paint to match the rest of the wheel if needed.
  8. Balancing: Ensuring the wheel is balanced properly after the repair.

These services are essential for maintaining the safety, performance, and aesthetic appeal of vehicle wheels. As part of a mobile mechanic service, offering on-site wheel scratch and crack repair can provide added convenience for customers.

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